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New single ‘Feel More’ oozes sentiment and quiet reflection by returning Lex Low.

East London’s very own Lex Low has returned with self-produced, futuristic, alt pop single ‘Feel More’.

A track filled with sentiment, 'Feel More' is thoughtfully created with a reflective lens in mind, as it play witness to the artist diving deep into the pages of his past. Lex takes a truly open and honest step back into the memories of his childhood as he sifts through the feelings experienced during the separation of his parents when he was 10 years old.

'Feel More' authentically depicts a colourful and detailed picture of his emotional state via glistening guitars and a bold coursing beat as a strong, rooted foundation. 'Feel More' not only represents a reintroduction to Lex but also marks a new chapter, as he delves into an intrinsically raw, uncut songwriting style that invites the listener to understand on a more profound level than ever before.

This song was finished in isolation where I was reflecting on a lot of things, including my early life. It draws on the moment I found out my parents were separating and my father leaving. Lyrics like ‘do you even know this place, the way that dinner tastes’ are references to the increasing amount of time he was spending away from us. I wanted to write a track that felt honest and raw, it’s a snapshot of my emotions at the time - not necessarily the way I still feel. I love both my parents....

Songwriting allows me to explore parts of my life and present them as a true reflection of a moment. I tried to paint a picture of my state of mind at the time; the lyrics are a little naive in ‘Feel More’ - ‘red carpet, red heart, red face, you know I read your face’, I wanted to take the listener back to that time and be there with me." - Lex Low

Listen to 'Feel More' here.

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