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Nicole Chambers is an essential new name in R&B

Toronto is a well known hub for forward-facing R&B and one artist emerging from that Canadian metropolis is Nicole Chambers. She's one that also shows her respect for the genre through songs like 'I'm Fine', a luscious journey guided by Chambers' stream-of-consciousness style singing.

“‘I’m Fine’ is about me suppressing my emotions. I walk around telling everybody that I’m fine, in a high pitched voice followed with a huge grin on my face, when in reality I am not. The inspiration came from my group of friends as I started noticing they were doing it too. We are so called pros at pretending that we are handling everything so well, when we clearly aren't," candidly shares Chambers.

It's a vial message to take to heart during these times when it's really okay to not be okay. As we learn from Nicole Chamber's soulful R&B single, putting on a brave face and declaring that "I'm fine" will do you no favours, so why not opt for honesty instead?

Look out for more sage lessons to come from the forthcoming Voice of a Virgo LP, out on September 17th.


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