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Norwegian singer-songwriter Bendik Finborud returns with latest uplifting ‘Tears & Laughter'

The new release is the latest in a series of folk-pop singles encompassing deep lyrical themes from love-craving to the different stages of grief.

Tears & Laughter’ makes for a wonderfully smooth and intimate listen. Using little more than an acoustic guitar and his own soaring vocals, his newest release will look to pull on your heartstrings and fill your soul with solace at every turn.

Listen to Bendik’s new release ‘Tears & Laughter’:

Bendik on the meaning behind the new track:

“For some years now I’ve written music about the grief surrounding my mothers death. It’s a heavy subject and I haven’t been sure if anyone would want to listen to these kinds of songs, but it just felt like I needed to get it out. I think Tears & Laughter might be the ending to that long exploration of grief. The song to me is most of all about resignation. About finally accepting that there’s nothing more to be done but let go. Although that isn’t a very uplifting ending I think there is some hope in that kind of acceptance. Accepting things like they really are can be painful, but in the end life goes on.”

Not only gifted as a songwriter, Bendik is a talented artist, accompanying his first single ‘Bargaining’ with a self-made hand painted music video, the video earned a nomination for best music video at Bergen International Film Festival (BIFF) 2020.

Watch the music video for ‘Bargaining’ here

We are expecting to hear Bendik Finborud’s debut album ‘Tears & Laughter’ this Spring, so make sure to follow Bendik on social media and keep your eyes peeled!


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