Okito bring us back to the 50's with nostalgic debut album 'Dystopian Heart'

Okito is one of Florida's most innovative hip hop artists. Orlando, FL-based Okito was raised on an eclectic diet of soul and world music. The child of Guyanese immigrants, whose passions included calypso and poetry, Okito’s musical upbringing would go on to inform his genre-defying blend of Blues, Reggae and Hip Hop.

​Okito’s debut LP, 'Dystopian Heart' , is an ode to his roots, marinated in a deep nostalgia for the past, even incorporating the ‘aura’ of 50’s and 60’s Rock and Roll which played in the halls of his childhood home. His debut album is fully charged, sophisticated yet raw and emotional, signaling the arrival of a new artist flush with old school cool and new school swagger.

If you're looking for something classic yet refreshing look no further. Okito is all of that!