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Ora Violet share musical freight train 'Have You Met Me'

Ora Violet were born in 2019 to deliver a sonic boom of fresh rock and roll and, as of today, they haven't stopped yet.

Today, the band releases 'Have You Met Me', a musical freight train that thunders through whole neighbourhoods of calm, forcing conversations to stop mid sentence, but unlike the never ending train, it is kept as brief as our fleeting lives, leaving the listener and the antihero yearning for more.

Ora violet says on the song: “Influenced by Grinderman, Elizabeth Wurtzel, Marmaduke Duke & Earnest Hemingway, the song was inspired by the realisation that the same way we go down, we come back up; gradually and then suddenly. The antihero protagonist has lived a life of unapologetic excessive in all ways and despite nearing the end, the statement is clear... I won't go down.”.


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