Ormiston is coming for MGMT's crown with 'Time Fades'

For Gen Y, the American electro-pop duo MGMT brings about big feelings of nostalgia. House parties, festivals, gigs, hanging out with friends; you probably heard at least one MGMT song. So when we heard Ormiston's 'Time Fades' for the first time, we were struck by a big jolt of nostalgia and so it became an instant winner for us. The track is also taking us back to that teenager mindset of wishing to escape, to explore, to find out what the heck is out there. It's a hella youthful and feelgood track, just what we needed today. If you're also liking the sound of 'Time Fades' then we highly urge you to go check out Ormiston's full album, Hammer Down, over on Spotify.