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Ormiston's second single 'Step From The Limelight' is an indie synth-pop tune

Following on from debut single 'Rebel', Ormiston's newest track ‘Step From The Limelight’ criticizes the desire to be part of an empty culture, filled only with glances and stares to satisfy our self-esteem. Whether you understand that as obsessions with one's social media status or the fake face that we put on to interact with the world, it's worthwhile to be cautious of our shallow society, and here we have the music reminder of that. Perhaps it's down to Nicola Ormiston's old-school perspective that he leans on retro sounds of synth and pop, as well as this flashback graphics that you can see in the visualizer below. With his band, Ormiston adds a sense of urgency to these retro elements, due to the explosive guitars right from the start of the song and energetic drum pattern. While 'Rebel' was the cooler older brother playing funk bass, 'Step From The Limelight' is the fresh-faced kid that grabs your attention; even the new photos with this release are bright and punctuated with primary colors. What is there not to love about this song and the project as a whole!


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