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Paddi unveils debut album 'P.S. I Love You'

With his previously shared singles racking up enormous support on Spotify, which have included landing on the Discover Weekly, Chill Drops, and On Repeat playlists, US singer and songwriter Paddi now looks to showcase his new studio album ‘P.S. I Love You’.

Filled with a warm and inviting atmosphere, his new collection makes for a fresh and exciting introduction to Paddi’s next chapter. Blending his sweet and supple voice with a heady blend of laid-back guitar hooks and pulsing beats gives this release a bold and sensual feel throughout.

Speaking about the new album, he said, “‘P.S. I Love You’ takes the listener on a journey through my relationship with my significant other. There are fun loving, uplifting moments, and very deep, emotional and bitter sweet stories. The Album conveys to the listener's all the feelings I felt during my relationship along with the well thought out and very real story. This is an album that captivates listeners, while also containing catchy lyrics, strong beats, and a unique style of production. This is my very first Album that I have written, sung, and produced. I put my whole heart and my personal experience into this art piece and I'm very excited for my friends, family and people of the world who have or have yet to experience love, heartbreak and passion the way P.S. I Love You embodies those feelings.”

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