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Peak Futures teams up with Pauli The PSM on 'Orion (Reprise)'

Soul music collective Peak Futures has just released their debut album, Colours of the Sun, featuring eight multi-genre storied tracks like their top single 'Tapestry' and smooth mover 'Broadway'. Skipping over the first seven tracks, we're going straight to the closing number 'Orion (Reprise)', designed to be the second half to the album's opening title 'Orion'. This finale is super exciting with rip-roaring guitars right out of the gate and a mega moody bass line. On the featuring line-up of this big collective is of course Pauli The PSM who brings his drum and lyrical skills to 'Orion (Reprise)'. His powerful guest verse brings the record to an unexpected conclusion, as Peak Futures' founding member Chris Hills tells us: “Like all the songs on the album it stands out by itself but really comes to life when listened to in sequence; it’s the closing chapter. When you come back from a great journey in life you’re never the same, that’s the point the song is making - the reprise has the same backing as the original but a totally different impact.”

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