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Plastic Cowboys deliver the vibrant new single 'None Like You'

Following the enormous praise they received for their formative singles ‘99 On A Saturday’ and ‘Not As Cool’ over the last year, which have seen them draw tens of thousands of streams online, Dublin-based outfit Plastic Cowboys now return to release their next hit-in-waiting ‘None Like You’.

Filled with driven guitar hooks and soaring production, ‘None Like You’ sees the group deliver one of their most engaging offerings to date. Taking cues from the more atmospheric side of the indie-rock sound, the trio captivate with their warm and enticing direction that cements them as a true gem on the new music circuit.

Speaking about their new release, the band said, “None Like You was written in the height of the first lockdown we were subjected to in Ireland due to Covid-19. Naturally, the walls were feeling tighter than I had ever felt before, and a lot of forced introspection followed. None Like You prepared itself as an answer to that introspection, as the message of the song conveys the highs and lows of being human. It is about riding those highs and lows rather than expecting one or the other. It is about learning and improving as an individual, with an emphasis on improving. I think it's easy for us as people (especially Irish people) to ignore our problems or mend it with the bare minimum amount of care, and then expecting everything to be solved. "This cosmonauts shining a light on the dark side of the moon, thinking this ought to do”


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