Pook Hustle debuts the powerful ‘Deadass: Word is Bond’

Brooklyn born Pook Hustle shares with us his brand new double-track offering ‘Deadass: Word is Bond’. Infused with a captivating otherworldly vibe, ‘Bringing Home the Bacon’ and ‘Black Superhero Complex’, carry introspective lyricism delivered expertly by Pook’s polished talents as a wordsmith. Drawing influence from the likes of Kanye West, J.Cole, Tyler, the Creator, Aminé and Isaiah Rashad, Pook reminds us of the nuances of the black experience, and delivers his message honestly and admirably.

Discussing each of the tracks, Pook said: “‘Deadass: Word is Bond’ are two expressions as a native Brooklynite I’ve heard most of my life. What this project has in common with those expressions is emphasis on meaning what I say. Both songs have messages that I know people all over the world can relate to. It’s my most authentic work to date. ‘Bringing Home the Bacon’ is pretty self explanatory. Many of us play it off but Capitalism takes a serious toll on the working class. Exchanging most of your time & energy for crumbs is never an even exchange. ‘Black Superhero Complex’ is about the pressure that I & many black people have to break generational curses in our families. I want my brothers & sisters to know I understand them. Don’t forget to balance your grind. In the process of trying to take care of everyone, take care of yourself. Physically, mentally & spiritually.”

Listen to the project below: