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Pook Hustle delivers contagious new track "Grammy"

Pook Hustle's latest single "Grammy" is a dynamic and captivating track that showcases the artist's distinctive style. The composition features a blend of intense drums, ethereal synths, and velvety backing vocals that serve as the perfect canvas for Pook Hustle's passionate and eclectic lyrics.

Influenced by the pioneering sounds of Daft Punk and Kanye West, Pook Hustle sought to experiment with his voice and create something innovative. The track takes on a poignant meaning as Pook Hustle honors his deceased step-father, Mr. John, a beloved and charismatic hustler from Harlem who had a profound impact on his life.

Pook Hustle's drive to succeed is contagious, and "Grammy" is sure to bolster his standing in the music industry. It's a robust addition to his already impressive repertoire of critically acclaimed singles, and we anticipate more great music from him in the coming year!


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