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PREMIERE: Ione Stays optimistic with new EP ‘The Tide Is Changing’

Of late, the R&B revival has been running rampant in our daily soundtracks - and we love it. On the frontline of this resurgence is up and coming singer-songwriter Ione. Oh, and we joined her Instagram listening party last eve and it was a treat! Ione has true charisma.

Having been working in the industry for what sounds like as long as she could walk, Ione is utilising every inch of her extensive experience to treat us all to some solo material. Ione has lent her vocals to the like of GORILLAZ, Adam Green, Foals and Paul Heaton, Ione has been gracing the industry with her gift for a hot minute. Now, Ione stands an incredible artist in her own right, and we couldn’t be more excited. Her upcoming EP ‘The Tide Is Changing’ comes off the back of her latest single ‘Loved By You’ - a track that oozes a sexy, suave and seductive air that cements Ione as a vital vocalist in the scene at present. With over thirteen thousands streams fuelling her Spotify feed on that song alone, it’s evident that this is just beginning of Ione’s highly anticipated solo ventures.

Speaking on the importance of ‘The Tide Is Changing’ Ione says his;

The Tide is Changing felt like the perfect name for this E.P as it feels like my 1st proper E.P although it is my 3rd. Calling it 'The Tide is Changing' feels like a commitment to myself & my music so The Tide is Changing because I am changing. And it feels exciting to not know what's next but to believe it is good.”

‘The Tide Is Changing’ is the EP bursting into our playlists TODAY. With three tracks rich with a throwback R&B feel, this EP will have you vibing throughout lockdown life this month. Ione speaks on the nature of love, loneliness and facing the truth in one of the most lyrically honest, direct and open inclined EP exploding onto the scene right now. The title track ‘The Tide Is Changing’ kicks off this beautiful body of work with a bang. Produced by David Blaker, this track contorts traditions of R&B and lo-fi to sculpt a stunning soundscape which Ione’s vibrant vocals sail over with ease. The concluding track ‘Run Away’ shows the subtler side of Ione’s musical persona, allowing an intimate and vocally intricate performance to leave us wanting more. ‘The Tide Is Changing’ is being released at a perfect time to bring some groove to our lockdown lives. So, TODAY let Ione set the tone with her most fully realised body of work to date, ‘The Tide Is Changing’.


Listen to Ione’s EP ‘The Tide Is Changing’ is out now on digital platforms right HERE


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