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Pritt's focussed on latest release Tunnel Vision

The latest single ‘Tunnel Vision’ from Pritt is a record that she has poured every emotion into. The South London based R&B singer has outlined the work of this heartbreak record and combines the use of her naturally given melismatic style of vocal runs to really draw out the heartfelt feel in this track.

The mellow and atmospheric music and production slowly coalesces you into the multi layered vocal chorus, leaving you positively unsure where the structure lies. The heavy reverb and delays compliment this style of vocal well, giving the top-line a sense of elevation and air, which give the melisma a moving and fluid like cloud feel.

The main production and soft pads heard in this piece do no more than to set the scene and fully support the vocal. There is no overt sense of tonality or key- and that's what gives this track its overall aura and mystique.

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