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Q&A with Mark Daisy

What inspired the choice of colorful imagery and the kaleidoscope of hues in Daisyland?

This music is about the joy of being alive. The natural extension of that, for me, is a deeply saturated world of vibrant color. My wife and I joke that our favorite color is “neon” and that “bright for life” is the best way to describe our visual style. For me, you can’t separate joy and color. Joy is color. Color is joy.

What are your future plans for Daisyland? Are there more releases or projects in the works?

Oh yes! There’s a full album of music ready for Daisyland. And we’ll keep expanding the Daisyland story too. I’m so excited for everything else we have to share about this world.

How would you describe the overall vibe and sound of Daisyland?

JOYFUL PLAY. The Speaker Creatures really capture that energy.

What type of message do you think will be taken away from themes and vibes of 'Daisyland' and "Runaway"?

Runaway and Daisyland are tapping into the side of ourselves that I think at times we lose access to – the childlike, playful, joyful side of ourselves – where we can just take a few beats to play without being burdened by the concerns of everyday life.

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