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QJB releases soZen remix of single “Skin Deep”

QJB is sure to make an impression with his new remixed single “Skin Deep”. Originally, “Skin Deep” was an emotionally-penned offering, however, QJB is sharing a different version of the track. The remix is playful and vibrant and merges together multiple different genres and influences.

Speaking about the new remix, QJB says: “Take a sensual QJB slab of pure pop, run it through the magic ears of producer Jen Athan (FASE) to sprinkle some delay, extra guitar and synth then place in the tender loving care of drum’n’bass genius soZen … and this is what you get. A slab of TripHopPop that could only really have been gestated in Bristol, marinated in a Glasgow den and delivered to you via … well wherever you like really …

QJB is a highly talented musical artist known for their ability to create captivating compositions that leave a lasting impression on the listener. With a natural flair for melody and an impeccable sense of rhythm, QJB has a unique ability to craft songs that are both catchy and emotionally moving. With a growing discography that has earned them a dedicated following, QJB is a rising star in the music industry with the potential to make a significant impact.


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