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Ray Dawn Shares Boston

Originally hailing from Pittsburgh, USA, hip-hop artist Ray Dawn has released his latest track, the funk-infused hip-hop anthem, ‘Boston’. Now based in the home of hip-hop, Atlanta, he has released ‘Boston’ following on from the warm welcome to his previous release, ‘Flex’, creating an altogether different sonic experience on his latest instalment. Boasting a complex and dynamic soundscape, ‘Boston’ is a thrilling track framed by the upbeat instrumentation that runs throughout.

Discussing his writing process and inspiration Ray Dawn shared:

“Lately I’ve been enjoying the process of letting go - allowing my story to unfold on its own time. The bigger the goal, the longer the road. ‘Boston’ is a reminder to myself that the marathon continues.”

Taking his inspiration from those he surrounds himself with, Ray Dawn’s journey has been one with many twists and turns having dropped out of law school to focus on his passion for music. While working towards honing his craft and releasing a slew of tracks, Dawn is also working as a corporate writer at a major bank.

‘Boston’ sees emerging star Ray Dawn make his own exciting and deeply captivating mark on the modern hip-hop scene. With so much more to give, we can all but sit back and wait to see what is next in store for this thrilling artist.

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