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RAZAtwn offloads candescent new project ‘Brwn Machismo’

RAZAtwn has released his 5 track project ‘Brwn Machismo’ today, packed with intoxicating energy and an impressive rap flow. The Orlando based rapper takes inspiration from the likes of G-Eazy, Curren$y and Isaiah Rashad, introducing his own dynamism to the hip-hop sphere. His new offering was created from the perspective of a South Asian male making it in America by showcasing his ready to die attitude. RAZAtwn explains: “This is an unorthodox story about a Pakistani American man chasing to make it in America.”

RAZAtwn’s wordsmith abilities go the extra mile, highlighting poignant topics of hardship, mental health and perseverance. His style is ear catching and notably distinct, leaving us wondering what he will offer up next.

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