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Rhys E drops fierce indie-pop single 'Life's A Game'

Indie-pop powerhouse Rhys E has returned with his latest offering 'Life's A Game', and the single is packed with grit and effortless charm. Check it out below:

Discussing the single, he said: “I wanted to write a song with a title that would look good on a t-shirt and thought life’s a game was a good shout.”

Reminiscent of the Courteeners and SEA GIRLS, Rhys is a fast growing artist with bags of potential. Adding to what is an impressive body of work, we think this is the best tune in Rhys' locker.

Rhys E has been steadily releasing music since April 2020 and is going full speed ahead. He assembled an incredible band to bring the project to life, and is set to storm the live scene with plans to play at Kendal Calling next summer. This indie-rock prodigy has already secured airtime on BBC Radio 6, received support from NME and gained recognition from Manchester music legend Tim Burgess. With a fearless attitude and expert talent, Rhys E is set to make a big impression this year.


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