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Roadkeeper Release Psychedelic Track ‘Enemy Mine'

Meet Texas four-piece Roadkeeper, who have recently released their politically charged single ‘Enemy Mine’. The track is the seventh in a series of single releases since 2018. With a blend of shimmering psychedelic guitar, assertive synthesizers and melodic vocals, ‘Enemy Mine’ tells the story of young people vulnerable to far-right radicalisation.

The new release is accompanied by a video with trippy visuals and hard-hitting imagery.

Watch the official music video for ‘Enemy Mine’

Roadkeeper on the meaning behind the track:

The lyrics to Enemy Mine were written about the far right radicalization of vulnerable young people in the US by white nationalist professional pundits who are fed viewers and readers by algorithms on social media and YouTube. There is an organized effort to convert impressionable young people into radical white supremacists and encourage them to undertake radical action against marginalized people and progressive political movements. Enemy Mine is about the dissonance between the perceived realities of radical white supremacists and that of everyone else.

Roadkeeper formed in 2018 as an independent, self-produced project that combines a songwriter's emphasis on lyricism with the soundscape and sense of space of shoegaze and psychedelia.

Roadkeeper is John Hetherington, Daniel Griffith, Trevor Tull, and Nicklaus Cogdill.


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