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Ronnie Zyon conjures a warm atmosphere on 'Supersonic'

Known for his prolific and creative flair that has seen him drop a brand new EP every year since 2016, West Yorkshire-based artist Ronnie Zyon is now ready to round off an incredible 2022 with his captivating new single 'Supersonic'.

Conjuring a wonderfully warm and effervescent energy that perfectly refelcts his own progressive nature, 'Supersonic' makes for a brilliantly rousing addition to his ever-growing catalogue. With a fresh and textured approach to both his sound and production, he has delivered one of his most confident offerings here.

Adding about 'Supersonic', he said, “Supersonic is about righting past wrongs & taking accountability and is my ode to unconditional love, I was inspired to write this by a close friend’s situation but I strongly relate to trying everything possible to fix a mistake.”


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