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Ryan Jantz delivers a woozy delight with 'Real'

Following on from the love and praise he received for his latest studio album ‘Baby Face’ from earlier this year, New York-based singer and songwriter Ryan Jantz now returns with the release of his latest woozy single ‘Real’.

Taking cues from the psych-pop world, with notable comparisons to Glass Animals and Toro Y Moi, and the laid-back crooning of Mac DeMarco, the self-produced ‘Real’ makes for a fresh and textured return for the artist. Blending a fun and quirky atmosphere with his own bright and sweeping aesthetic gives this new delight a smooth and enticing quality, which he is quickly becoming known for.

Speaking about his new offering, he said, “‘Real’ is on its face about authenticity and the means to achieving it. I was reading War and Peace as my major project in quarantine and reflecting a lot on the significant internal growth and spiritual development of these characters over the course of 20 years (and 1500 pages). I think the question I was trying to hit on was, essentially, how intelligent, or even introspective, does one have to be to arrive at a heightened state of self? I also wanted to capture the sense of feeling "real" and at peace with oneself and yet still sensitive to judgment and ostracization, and to explore that contradiction and tension.”

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