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Sailec releases Dark Emotive Rap Track ‘Hold On’

Born in Southern California, Sailec uploaded his first track ‘Howdy’ to Soundcloud in 2019 which quickly gained over 1 million streams due to his fast intense melodies along with remarkably harsh lyrics. At 17 years old he experimented with a wide range of vocal styles and genres like Trap, Alternative Rock, Hip-Hop and R&B which led him to create his first EP "The Prototype" released in October of 2020. Fast-paced and aggressively addictive The Prototype EP portrayed Sailec's unique flows and his adaptable vocals. Versatile and rapidly growing Sailec has continued to engage his fans with releases like ‘Left 4 Dead’ and ‘Hold On’ for his vivid and emotionally intense lyrical play and catchy melodies.

Sailec on what the new track is about:

“Hold On is about falling in love with somebody you shouldn't be with. It's about trying to find peace in a place of chaos. Dealing with intense emotions and dark thoughts all while trying to seem okay while doing so. This song is a part of me and my reality. I'm shining a light on some of my darkest moments. The track represents the struggle of pretending to be happy and forcing yourself to hold on to something that's not good for you.”


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