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Sam Wilder shines on new single 'Vanity'

Bursting back onto the scene with another sincere contemporary pop anthem, singer-songwriter Sam Wilder unveils his lofty new single ‘Vanity’.

Influenced by artists such as Sam Smith, Tom Chaplin and Josh Groban, the young singer-songwriter turns his personal experiences into relatable tracks with universal appeal for all to enjoy.

Adding about the track, he said, ‘Vanity’ is a song about feeling used and manipulated by the people who are supposed to lift you up and keep you safe.

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Singer-Songwriter Sam Wilder has spent much of his life

writing poetry about the world around him. Now, at age 22, Sam uses his love of poetry to craft thoughtfully written music about his personal struggles, while allowing the listener to relate and resonate with his songs in their own ways. His music mixes both Pop and Adult Contemporary styles to create a uniquely emotional sound.

After moving to Los Angeles in 2017, Sam spent the next couple of years performing at artist showcase events and open mic nights, working on his own original music and walking dogs. He released his first song “House” in early 2020 and shortly followed it up with his second single “Just September.”


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