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SAPPHIRE's 'Repeat' is the pop soundtrack to your life

British musician SAPPHIRE isn't exactly what you'd call a new name, as she explains "I used to post covers on youtube which has given me some amazing opportunities over the past few years," but these days, it's less covers and more original music born out of her tendency to overthink. New single"Repeat" gives us a direct view into the songwriter's mind in which she details how recurrent thoughts and disregarded emotions have become a default mode for her over the years. All of this is summed up in a super catchy pop track that touches on dance and electronic elements to give it a textured sound and of course for listeners to enjoy. In the description in the SoundCloud stream, SAPPHIRE explains that her evening activity is listening to film scores and so her main aim is clear, "I just really hope my songs can be the soundtrack to your life in some way :)" Well, for today at least, "Repeat" has been that for us.

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