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Sarah & the Sundays releases new music video "Vices" directed by "The 100" actress Eliza Taylor

What happens with a young indie-rock band meets an actress from a post-apocalyptic show? Well, apparently a music video is born. Austin band Sarah & the Sundays met The 100 actress Eliza Taylor and hit it off immediately — almost as if their collaborative partnership was meant to be. Itching to lean further into the film world, Eliza realized she wanted to get behind the camera for once and the "Vices" video was her foray into directing. The story, set against the background of LA, is described by the band as "a character's journey to reconnect with a lost love."

"The song has many layers, so finding a narrative for the video was a thoughtful and exciting process," the band says when asked about the creation of the video. "Working with Eliza Taylor was a dream come true! She added so much life to the project, on and off the camera.” On the other side, Eliza feels the same. “We wanted to honor that juxtaposition in this video while telling a real story. While lyrically Vices is a melancholy song about heartbreak, it has a cheerful and upbeat sound. We didn’t just want to make a music video, we wanted to make a short film about love lost and hope. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the finished product, especially with this being my directorial debut in the music space.”

Fans of Eliza's from her time on "The 100" will love this new insight into her creative mind.

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