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Singalong with London artist Amey St. Cyr

Amey made a real success of a tumultuous 2020 and continues to power through into the new year with her latest single release, the glorious ‘Do You Feel It Too??’ Amey tells us: “I’m thrilled and delighted the track is out. I can’t wait to see how it does!”

Amey is a great songwriter and lyricist and her songs always tell a story…

“Heart in my hands I take a breath And begin to reveal just how I feel. Never before in my whole life Has anyone had this impact on me.

Nervously I look into your eyes Wondering what your answer will be. Then you take me into your arms And you kiss me passionately.

I can feel it, I can feel it in you. I can feel it, I can feel it in you…”

Beautiful lyrics from this new song about human connection and desire. There is a shade of melancholy as the protagonist reveals they have never felt quite like this before, and of course there is always a slight fear in that fragility. Yet that is contrasted with the positivity in having that feeling at all - as that is what it means to be alive, to feel emotions strongly. Whether the person being spoken about feels the same or not, is left somewhat unclear, until towards the end of the song when the singer exclaims: “Yes, you feel it. Yes, you feel it too. Yes, you feel it too!” This is the ultimate love story; even if it’s for one night only.

The feel-good vibes Amey brings are irresistible - so lose your inhibitions and sing along!

‘Do You Feel It Too??’ is out now and is now available to download on all major digital platforms right HERE


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