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SINNAH dreams big in new single 'Good Night'

Swedish artist SINNAH creates an alt-pop soundscape in the desirable new release ‘Good Night’. Taken from her new EP “Exist Loud’, the songwriter has received praise from outlets across the globe including Music News, LOCK, Top 40 Charts and CLOUT. Highlighting the very relatable stage of a relationship when you figure out where it all goes, this is the perfect addition to your playlist.

SINNAH reveals a different side of her love stories in both "Good Night" and the EP "Exist Loud" as she maintains her classy, no drama attitude. She uses a more complex mix of emotions in her new EP instead of her previous tongue-in-cheek bubbly approach to breakups. Like a post-teen pop divas like Taylor Swift, "Good Night" lingers like a determined heartbeat. This is not a song to whine about your crush, but rather a confident refusal to fall into relationship traps.


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