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Sky Barkers drop musically immersive new single “House Keys”

Sky Barkers are a playful and impactful trio that have become rising stars within the music industry. Made up of members Jo MacGregor Messore, Dan Messore and Matt Brown, their sound manages to be fresh and unique, whilst also coming tinged with inspirations we all know and love. The band have clearly found their footing in a quickly changing industry.

“House Keys” is an infectious new single from the band. The track features playful drums, infectious keys and overdrive drenched guitars. Vocals are irresistible and emotionally-penned, working hand in glove with hard-hitting lyrics. Speaking about her lyric and vocal inspirations, lead singer Jo MacGregor Messore shares: “Performing in a raw, connective way, feels to me like pulling something down from the air and merging it with my own body, then sending it out – it’s my favourite thing in the world. Being human is fairly hardcore, so when we can lift up and share our small griefs and joys, it feels as though things make a tiny bit more sense. Or at least they ache less for having been recognised.

We, for one, think they’re going straight to the top.

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