Soul-Jazz Mavericks, Fabulous Red Diesel, GetStripped for a Romp Through History!

The Fabulous Red Diesel wowed audiences and critics alike with their last single, Butterfly Mind, being playlist by Jazz FM for six weeks running and their new single, Nellie Gale, looks set to grab even more attention, telling the tale of the titular character – one of the first nude dancers in the West End! Nellie Gale was the great grandmother of Fabulous Red Diesel matriarch and singer, Ms Kitty, and, so the family legend goes, was a Windmill Girl – a performer at the Windmill Theatre, the revue theatre in London which look inspiration from the Moulin Rouge and brought censor-baiting nude art to the masses! Cheeky, fascinating and irresistible, Nellie Gale is the human embodiment of Fabulous Red Diesel’s wonderful


“The video is a very cheeky black and white romp through the story, with a host of very colourful characters including ‘’Squiffy Oglespink; Will-I Juan; Sir Everard Squiffy QC’; Lord Pedro Handlebar as well as Miss Nellie Gale herself played by myself, her great grand-daughter, Kat Lee-Ryan!”




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