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South-Londonder Eli Moon releases 'Phases'

This kid is a pure talent, he never fails to surprise me! Today, he dropped another banger, 'Phases', co-written and produced by MOJAM. ‘’Phases’, is the first single from Moon’s new upcoming EP ‘Angels Devils & Empty Vessels’.

Moon quotes on the track: Phases is a song about change. Whilst a lot of people seek comfort in life...if I stop for too long and become too comfortable I very quickly start to lose my mind! I wrote this song at a time where I needed something new. Life felt like a never ending cycle of the same activities, same people and I just needed to escape. In the song I deal with the existential crisis that I often find myself in, where I begin to question everyone and everything around me. ‘Why am I here?’ ‘Why am I doing this?’ ‘Is there meaning to any of this?’ I suppose the biggest question is ‘what if it never changes?” And that's how the song arose. My biggest fear is being stuck in a situation where I have no power to affect it. It's not a quiet feeling, it's not a creeper...I wake up one day and there it is; the gut wrenching need to scrap everything and start all over. I suppose life does happen in phases, which is why it's important to understand that no situation lasts forever, and there is never a situation where you have no power to affect it, but I wanted to capture this emotion in a song, so that I have it forever and can always use it in times where I need to be reminded of this.



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