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Stellan Perrick gets 'Naughty' on his latest single

After originally introducing himself with his breakthrough debut single 'Golden Boy' last year, a release that has since clocked up tens of thousands of streams, emerging artist Stellan Perrick is back once again to deliver his captivating new offering 'Naughty'.

Honing more of that warm and expressive alt-pop aesthetic he is known for, 'Naughty' makes for a beautifully alluring listen from beginning to end. With his fresh and tender vocal performance riding an atmospheric production throughout, he is returning with a truly memorable effort once again.

Speaking about the new release, he said, “Naughty is a very sensual song with deep meaning hidden within the lyrics. The theme of it is to show that nothing can ever give you true satisfaction or happiness until you are happy with yourself. As I learnt this in real life, It inspired me to make this song. In today’s world where it is very easy to get instant pleasure and meaningless gratification, we all hit a point where it's not enough. It's very easy to get stimulated but most of us don’t know what is real and healthy and what isn't. I know personally because I had a realization of it, but many times it goes unnoticed. That’s the root of addiction and how it starts, where one wants more and more. The vice can be anything, drugs, alcohol, money, fame, food… and one more example, being naughty.”


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