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Substantial teams up with KDFoxx in iconic new release 'Your Greatest Weapon'

Maryland-born MC, producer, artist and educator Substantial teams up with KDFoxx for one of the best collaborations you’ll hear this year. Working together on the new track ‘Your Great Weapon’ it’s safe to say this project is certainly turning heads across the globe. Legendary rapper/activist, Chuck D of Public Enemy referred to Substantial as “One of the great MCs of our time.” His soulful and introspective brand of rap has received critical acclaim from The Source, HipHopDX,,, and Speaking about the new release, Substantial shares, “Your Greatest Weapon is about self-empowerment and realizing that the most powerful weapon that we have is our voice.” Adding to Substantial’s quote, KDFoxx shares, “Music is the entity that forged angels. Sing a song only few will understand, and it shall be your greatest weapon.”

In 2020, Substantial featured on The Real Folk Blues COVID-19 relief cover with Yoko Kanno, the SEATBELTS, Mason Lieberman, Mega Ran, and 40 other artists for an official Cowboy Bebop charity track in collaboration with FUNIMATION and Sunrise which reached #6 on Billboard for "World Digital Sales". For his next album, Substantial teams up with Queens, NY native, illustrator, and writer, Kenya "KDFoxx" Danino to produce an album inspired by her manga, Animal Arithmetic. ​​


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