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Ten Eighty Trees set to release energetic anthem ‘Born Free’

THIS Friday, Ten Eighty Trees are back with another undeniable banger set to get us grooving through lockdown life. Their upcoming single ‘Born Free’ is jam-packed with electrifying energy, demonstrating why this band is such a hot act to watch rising the ranks this year. The three-piece outfit is made up of Nathan Newton, Lewis Glaholm and Michael Mather, as the group have blossomed out of the grey industrial outskirts of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne to offer up a whole new uniquely blended brand of rock.

Since exploding onto the scene two years ago the band have earned a reputation for their infectious alternative rock anthems and enthralling live shows - and if their latest upcoming single is anything to go by, this is just the beginning. Jam-packed with an explosive energy, ‘Born Free’ is a no-nonsense shot of pure rock bliss.

Michael Mather carries the rock torch in this track, as his dynamic drum breaks drive this track. Lewis Glaholm’s bass delves deep in ‘Born Free,’ laying a solid foundation for the rest of the instrumentation on this track to work its magic. Nathan Newton’s vocals are as powerful as ever throughout, as his impressively intricate blend of falsetto with an unimaginably skilled belt tone carry this song into a whole other dimension. The collected genius of this group stimulates a sound so fresh it’s no doubt this track alone could carry them confidently into the new year. Add to that the twenty thousand streams already filling up their Spotify feed, and it’s evident Ten Eighty Trees are on a path of total airwave domination.

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and get ready for the release of 'Born Free' this Friday!

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