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Tep No Looks at His Life

Bottling up the charged atmosphere of Ultra Music Festival within a 3-minute track, Tep No has teamed up with the infamous R&B singer Mark Morrison to create their new sure fire hit, ‘My Life’. Effortlessly weaving in R&B grooves with the infectious deep house soundscape we have come to expect from Tep No, this new partnership has resulted in a completely unforgettable track.

Known for his captivating melodies, Tep No has infused ‘My Life’ with a tropical sounding beat, that when combined with the electrifying vocals of Mark Morrison, who shot to fame with his 1996 hit ‘Return Of The Mack’, has created a distinctive and catchy collaboration. The combination of these two musical icons within their own rights has resulted in a timeless and infinitely memorable anthem in ‘My Life’, that has the longevity that we have come to expect from these artists.

Tep No and Mark Morrison’s ‘My Life’ is out now across all streaming platforms.

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