The New Republic's EP - Electric Love's Rock'n'Roller Disco

The latest EP from The New Republic demonstrates their willingness and capability at trying their hat at creating all manner and varieties of music. The EP opener, ‘Roller Disco’ propels you into a state of head nodding right from the offset with the first track highlighting their big sing along anthem capability.

The works of this EP gives you glimpses into a long list of artist influences, from the intricate and light work of the trebly guitar riffs which remind you of the late 2000’s strokes, to the chord progression with its familiar pop-punk drive. Track two suddenly delves you into a melodic composition more reminiscent of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and this is where the groups most mature and progressed songwriting takes place. I’d like to see the band develop on the sound achieved on ‘Raindance’ as this combines an almost 80’s Duran Duran style vocal top-line which a very well composed riff and bass-line that hooks you straight away.

The EP has a digital and modern style production which goes hand in hand with the aesthetic of the album, which, overall has a solid, well recorded sound. There are several percussion timing issues that the EP suffers throughout the record that I’d like to see ironed out by the next release.

This EP demonstrates the bands capability at writing in all kinds of varieties of genre and I think by the next record that they’ll have formed a much more sense of unified identity.