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The Sukis turn it up a notch with their addictive new anthem ‘Intimacy’

The Sukis return with another fiery track, a powerful alt-rock anthem that is far from it’s namesake - ‘Intimacy’. Bold and head-banging while bringing up themes of rejection, nostalgia and optimism, The Sukis have once again hit the nail on the head with this addictive new offering. The track’s electrifying riffs are sure to become a firm new favourite with a melodic chorus that is simply irresistible. Their sound is unequivocally British, and is sure to go down a treat with fans both old and new.

Speaking about their new release, the band reveal:“In ‘Intimacy’ we wanted to include themes of rejection, nostalgia and loneliness; optimism and defeat shroud the intimacy of all our relationships, especially post-lockdown.”


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