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Thomas Irwin breaks musical boundaries with his new folk-infused pop track ‘Fighting Til The End’

Electronic songwriter, producer and DJ Thomas Irwin isn’t afraid to incorporate more traditional elements into his music, proving that organic riffs can create a big pop sound. ‘Fighting Til The End’ is the fiddle-infused pop track that is guaranteed to be on a heavy rotation this summer. Bursting at the seams with ear-worming melodies and bassy synths, Scarlett’s distinctive and edgy vocals give the track an empowering energy and serious sing-a-long potential.

Thomas explains: “When I wrote and produced ‘Fighting Till The End’, the whole vision was to have an ethereal sounding breakdown before going into a drop. That’s where it all started. I’ve played around with the idea of using fiddles and violins throughout my music. Organic instruments are so important to me as they can give lots of life to an electronic song. I’ve worked with Scarlett many times and when I introduced her to an idea which has a theme of fighting she was really buzzing to be involved and we both wrote the song very quickly!”

Thomas certainly has some fresh and original ideas and is sure to be a familiar name in the music scene in the coming years.

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