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Tiphanie Doucet Reveals Her Much-Anticipated EP 'Painted Blue'

Globetrotting French singer, and multi-instrumentalist, Tiphanie Doucet reveals the ethereal lead single - ‘Painted Blue’ - off of her forthcoming EP by the same name. The tender piano ballad fuses Tiphanie’s delicate and emotive vocal cadences with a soft and rhythmic piano melody. Accompanied by powerful lyricism, that highlights the heartbreak evident in the track; the single delves into the sound and artistic style we can expect on the EP - a candid window into the soul of Tipanie Doucet through her haunting soundscapes and raw songwriting. Alongside the single, Tiphanie is also set to debut a stunning music video for the track, that showcases her talent as a dancer.

Beginning her career as a dancer and actress, having graduated from the renowned Ballet Conservatory in Paris; it was in 2017 that she made her musical debut with her single ‘Lucky Guy’, and she has been releasing a steady stream of captivating music ever since. And it was this year that she appeared on the Canadian Voice, where she was praised for her faultlessly emotional performance. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Joni Mitchell, and Norah Jones; she is quickly becoming a rising artist to watch.


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