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Tom Featherstone releases tender single 'Alright (At Home)'

Indie singer-songwriter Tom Featherstone has just released his new single ‘Alright (At Home)’, a reworking of his 2019 debut. Produced by electronic alt-pop artist Minimal Animal, this version is composed of mellow acoustic guitar and tender piano melodies, which complement Tom Featherstone’s haunting, breathy vocal. The captivating dynamics and the lo-fi iPhone recorded vocal create a sense of ambiance, whilst the emotive lyrics invite listeners to find solace in the song. Speaking of the track, Featherstone explains: “The original single had been released way back in November 2019 and the chorus and sentiment of the track just came back to me in lockdown, it was important to sing over myself in a way to combat anxiety. I called Nick (Minimal Animal) with the idea of this new version exposing the vulnerability and intimacy of the lyrics; he was down and made it this beautiful track that we get to release together.” As well as aiming to comfort people through his lyrics, Featherstone is raising money for Sheffield-based community centre Foodhall with the proceeds of the song. The 21 year old artist has been honing his craft over the past year, penning introspective lyrics with indie-soul instrumentation that is influenced by the 1975, Ethan Gruska and Phoebe Bridgers. ‘Alright (At Home)’ is a comforting release that shows a more philanthropic side to this talented artist. We hope to hear more collaborations between Featherstone and Minimal Animal in the near future.

For more information on Foodhall, visit the website:


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