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Toronto based artist Spark Houston is seeing 'Red' in his fourth masterpiece

Toronto based artist Spark Houston emerges from the underground industry with his eyes certainly on the prize. Back with his fourth single “Red”, which is taken from his forthcoming debut EP of the same name (the first of a series of three EPs), “Red” showcases his often troublesome relationship with confrontation, competition and ambition. Taking the hip-hop world by storm, Spark Houston has over 615,000 streams on Spotify alone - across three singles.

Going into depth about the release, Houston shares, “Red is my competition, my drive, my energy and my bravado. In polychrome as a whole project (split amongst three EPS - Red, Blue, and Green) Red is the manic high before the crash of the depressing blue. Red is me rapping as well as anyone alive, knowing entirely that there is no human force that can stop me. Red is high octane. Red is lewd”

In the hook when the line "Red mine, red mine, red yours" is said, it's an invitation for all of us, both myself and the listeners, to soak in the atmosphere of my intensity. The pitch shifted voice is used as a motif on red, hinting that, although it feels good to be in a place of righteous anger, that perhaps there is a darker element, a morose, a sadness, to that kind of energy. All of that, however, will be more adequately explained on the next EP, Blue.

Claiming his rightful place amongst industry legends, if “Red” is anything to go by, this artist will have his name in lights within a matter of months. Musically, the track hears Houston drop bars left right and centre throughout a classic production. Blending hip-hop with a gentle alternative rock instrumentation led by a grit-filled guitar line, ‘Red’ is a statement that Houston means business. Leading single ‘Red’ sounds like it wrote itself after Houston found an incredible beat online. Letting the lyrics flow and emotions run high, the production was done by Versus Beats, with oversight from Houston’s main collaborator NAWMS – who’s produced every other track on all of the upcoming projects.

Coming from a creative family of actresses, filmmakers, producers and writers, Houston has always found himself surrounded by people with a clear vision. “Music is a fascinating thing. I do it because I can't do anything else. When I'm not creating I feel like I'm drowning. I find inspiration from so many sources,” Spark Houston adds. Set to release two more EPs this year including ‘Blue’, which showcases Spark Houston’s introspective, introverted and melancholic side, and ‘Green’, an upbeat, happy offering with a feel-good nature - 2021 is the year of Spark Houston.


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