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Totten Bridge returns with explosive new single 'Brave New World'

After churning out a bold and vibrant array of releases throughout 2022, many of which have clocked in hundreds of thousands of streams each, New York-based artist Totten Bridge returns once again with his explosive new single 'Brave New World'.

Bringing back another heady dose of raw and driven textures from start to finish, 'Brave New World' sees him enter 2023 with one of his most anthemic cuts to date. With his heartfelt vocals riding across rip-roaring guitar hooks and a blistering production, he is certainly looking to continue his upward ascent with this one.

Speaking about the track, he said, “‘Brave New World’ is a song about free will and having the courage to make important and sometimes difficult decisions with the thought that if you have the vision and strength to go forward with confidence the future can be extraordinary.

"The track was written on an acoustic guitar in a bedroom in NYC. It was not based on the famous book but the title was inspirational for the message of the song which is about the courage to embrace change and make important decisions in life. It originally had a reggae vibe when I wrote it but it evolved into more of a rock song.”

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