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Tycho Jones' ‘Pink + Blue’ is pure enjoyment

I’d love to be the person who discovered Tycho Jones, however many are talking about them already and cannot get enough of the indie-pop musical perfection. I’m guilty of eating their newest track up like popcorn. ‘Pink + Blue’ is exactly what I’ve been needing this year - something that reminds me to enjoy my existence by disregarding humdrum issues.

I swear these past couple years have sometimes made my brain feel stale, but it is with little gems like this track that I’ve been able to feel the many rushes of hope and happiness. Just like the title of the track suggests, the arrangement is vivid and colourful, it paints a warm setting. Personally, I find myself sitting on a bench, in a residential London at 8pm on a summer night. The sun has set and has left in the sky a radiant pink stain washed in a rich blue. The temperature is perfect, it’s silent but not lonely. You can’t help but enjoy!

I hope this makes the song justice. Tycho Jones’ music is glistening and you would be a fool to miss it!


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