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Ultra_eko Releases Newest Record ‘Wormwood Scrubs’

Ultra_eko is a very interesting artist. He has been releasing music since the summer of 2019 and already has released an impressive amount of tracks. Also to reflect this is the high amount of streams he seems to have generated in just 6 months. Ripples have been sent out into the hip-hop and grime community with his reinvented style of rapping and flow

Due to Ultra_eko previously being a novel writer, he definitely has the knack for narrative and this is very evident in his tracks. He combines his rhythmic flow with hard hitting lyrics to create a thought provoking rap track with a trap style beat. He cleverly integrates

a very much reggae influenced hook that all can sing along to and this contrasts to the non stop in your face verses.

The production heard in Ultra_eko’s tracks is of a professional and high standard. The stereo image and electronic elements gives a great sense of movement between the left and right ears.

Overall this is a well constructed track and considering this artist only very recently started releasing his music into the world, it is very impressive indeed. I’d definitely flag this artist as one to watch over the coming months to see how he will progress and what directions his music will take next.

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