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Ultra_eko shakes the London Hip-Hop community once again

While the year ahead begins to plan itself out for music releases, Ultra_eko is already well underway with his schedule with his latest track ‘Six Numbers’ being his 3rd release this year already. He has made it his mission to take 2020 by the horns and he truly means business. The South-London based Hip-Hop and Grime artist brought his music to the world initially during the summer of 2019 and has already over 10 tracks being well received on Spotify- Ultra_eko has clearly wasted no time at all.

Ultra_eko has a natural affinity for words and previously pursued a career in book writing, so you can easily join the dots and see that this is why his music is incredibly narrative based. He has a passion for stringing words and syllables together in all kinds of ways and his most recent track ‘Six Numbers’ does nothing to deviate from this natural ability.

‘Six’ Numbers’ is more of a solemn track compared to some other records he has, establishing the relatable financial struggle we have all been through at some stage. The track was released on the 21st February 2020 and I’m sure it will build on his already successful back catalogue as he shakes the London Hip-Hop community with his talented toplines.

Ultra_eko always has a raw and authentic tone to his vocals despite his very well produced beats- which is always a nice touch and allows you to hear every characteristic and nuance in his voice, especially when he's in full story flow.

This track will be a big streamer, much like all of his others and Ultra_eko will be a well known and revered artist by the end of his campaign in 2020.

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