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US rapper Toast shares his new studio album 'Toast TV'

Bursting back onto the scene in 2021 with an exquisitely addictive new sound that expertly combines his empowered attitude, bold lyricism, and immaculately bright, catchy style – San Francisco hip-hop artist Toast is set to take over playlists worldwide with the release of his latest full-length ‘Toast TV’.

Toast is a 21-year-old rapper who grew up in Northern Virginia and is part of a music collective, Double Dollars (aka $$). His unique choice of beats and flows is what sets him apart from many other emcee’s of today, drawing heavy inspiration from the likes of MF Doom, Earl Sweatshirt, Mac Miller, Felly and more. He combines the use of sampling and classic boom-bap sound with crisp, unique lyrics that slide right into the beat.

Speaking more on the release of Toast TV, Toast explained, "This album is about the role of TV and how it has influenced our youth, society, and world as a whole. The purpose of this project is to provoke the listener into realizing how important life is and what their place in this world is. I’ve been working since August 2020 and it only has one feature by the artist KIL. More info on my Instagram."

Listen to 'Toast TV' below.

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