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Vanda preaches self-love on her new track ‘Queen V’

Vanda shows that she is a force to be reckoned with on her new track ‘Queen V’, blending hip-hop vibes and empowering, witty bars for an addictive result. Vanda knows her worth and soon you will too with the help of her edgy melodies, electronic riffs and chart-worthy pop nods.

Speaking on her new single, Vanda says, “Quarantine for me, and for so many people, was a sort of rebirthing period, a shedding of the skin. A time of reflection, but major growth. I started to tap into my playful side in the studio & with that, came a whole new sound I didn’t even know existed within me. What started off as just playing around, shifted into a powerful essence of energy Joel (my collaborator) and I really fell in love with. When we realized we had a special vibe in the chorus & the pre chorus, I wanted the verse lyrics to highlight the lessons I’ve learned during quarantine & hope that while the song is cheeky, moody and fun, people can still internalize the message of growth, change and self love!”


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