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Velvet Sunset Create A Grunge, Yet Loving Narrative In E.P 'Goodbye Summertime'

The French grunge duo that consists of Eléonore on vocals and Max on guitar and bass have released an E.P full of addictive guitar licks and soft vocals to turn the repeat button on over and over again.

Having spent all their lives feeling like music ran through their blood with influences of Led Zeppelin, The Breeders, The Vines, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Velvet Underground and more, it was clear to see that music was going to be destination for their careers.

The four-track E.P puts any listener into a dreamscape, a dreamscape full of smooth, but beautiful guitar licks cement themselves into this body of work as a reminder that Max is constantly providing the much needed good feelings.

The vocals produced by Eléonore allow this E.P to become one the duo's best pieces of work.

Speaking on the E.P, the duo say:

‘With a blend of dream pop, indie and garage rock, Goodbye Summertime is a 4 song EP, driven by love and positive vibes. The songs are written like small stories of good feelings and beautiful, calming guitar riffs for when you simply want to relax to cozy sounds. Eleonore’s singing voice is purposely chilled to calm you off and offer you a moment of peace before rushing back into life. The end of summertime has this feeling of nostalgia, almost like the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. Exploring the subject of rebirth in anything you do, being kind to yourself and others, Goodbye Summertime is capturing the spirit of those final lazy summer days’

You can listen to the E.P below.

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