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Vocal house producer Prince Paris shares 'Speak Your Mind' ft Wilder

"Speak Your Mind" is the new release from vocal house producer Prince Paris. Released September 24th via Physical Presents, the track features rising singer Wilder. Prince Paris has toured with David Guetta, appeared at major festivals such as Las Vegas’ Electric Daisy Carnival, Tomorroworld, Ultra Miami and Pier 94 and performed internationally on numerous occasions. PrinceParis has previously worked with Mako, Karen Harding and Billie Eilish's brother Finneas on his well-known single, ‘Evermore’ which premiered on BBC Radio 1’s Pete Tong show.

There’s little that’s more frustrating than a partner that just won’t tell you what’s going on in their mind. Prince Paris takes that ominous silence that nibbles away at your heart and twists it into a vibrant, upbeat sound to channel the nervous energy. Wilder and his smooth vocals bring that soothing aspect, blending with the basslines and giving a gentle caress of positivity needed in the situation

Speaking of the collaboration, Prince Paris tells us: “Wilder was someone who we got in touch with a little over a year ago. He's an incredible singer/songwriter not to mention a great producer. Ellis showed us this idea he was working on and I absolutely loved the concept of ‘Speak Your Mind’. I think, in these unprecedented times, it's very important to speak your mind, be open to many ideas. During the making of this track with Wilder, it was reminiscent of some turbulent times. I think the moody vibe really worked out with our production style. Hopefully, we can reconnect with Ellis to create more magic in the future!”


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