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Watch Alex Frew's escapist music video for 'Antisocial Love Song'

The phrase "make or break"comes to mind when we're sent a music video, because it's true that the visual companion to a song can either elevate or degrade it. Well, you probably guessed that we wouldn't be writing about the video for Alex Frew's 'Antisocial Love Song' if we didn't like it.

Directed by Hope Little, who has taken many of Alex Frew's photographs, the video is a fresh escapist journey. The watcher is invited into the amorous world of the young Canadian musician and his love interest, portrayed by Asha Luna, who would rather be in the company of one another than anyone else.

The seemingly endless roads and oceanic horizons suggest endless possibilities, a perfect compliment to hope-filled energy of this young artist.

Check out the video below. You can also stream 'Antisocial Love Song' featuring A is for Arrows over on Spotify.


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